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This business is currently on hiatus, due to the challenging economic conditions.  Parties who have an interest in acquiring the local interface may contact the web site owner at


Este negocio se encuentra actualmente en pausa, debido a las difíciles condiciones económicas. Las partes interesadas en adquirir la interfaz local pueden comunicarse con el propietario del sitio web en



We regret this business is currently on hiatus.   Please check back at a future date. 

Location :   Baracoa, Guantanamo Province, Cuba. 


Prices vary and are based on seasonal demand.  Payment terms: cash (we cannot process credit cards).

Clients assume responsibility for the care of bicycles in their possession.

A damage deposit will be required for rentals, which will be nonrefundable in the event a bicycle is damaged or stolen, with value of the damage/loss set at our reasonable discretion to reflect cost to repair/replace.

We assume no responsibility for physical injury.



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Our email address is :

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