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Baracoa bike rental on TripAdvisor

We have garnered a number of positive reviews..

The following links to articles are relevant to cyclists interested in planning trips to Cuba and to the Baracoa area:

Experiencing the Cuban culture by bicycle is hands down one of the most intimate and life-changing adventures anyone can have, article by Elizabeth Walker, from May 2017 about cycling in the Sancti Spiritus area:

Bike Touring into the Unknown: 10 Days in Cuba Without GPS or Enough Money

General interest article on Baracoa by Travel Editor, Jennifer Bain, that appeared in the Toronto Star, in February 2017,

“Off the Beaten tourist track in Baracoa, Cuba”

Anwar Ali’s article that appeared in the Toronto Globe and Mail on November 15th, 2015 (this article relates specifically to cycling and specifically to Baracoa) :

“Want to meet Cubans, not tourists? Hop on a bike”

A photo diary of a trip around the eastern end of Cuba :

“From Moa to Baracoa by Bicycle”

Ramblin Boy’s primer for planning a bicycle trip in Cuba, leading to additional links :

“Useful Info For Planning A Bicycle Tour in Eastern Cuba”

Below are links to YouTube videos showing the destruction from Hurricane Matthew in the Baracoa area that occurred on October 4, 2016 :

Video of coverage from CUBERCUBA

Video coverage from MEDIODIA


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